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    University of Maryland Barbell Club

  • UMD Barbell Club is a DRUG-FREE club practicing BARBELL & STRENGTH SPORTS.

  • why we lift

    Under the bar, the world fades away.

    The worries, the troubles, the room you stand in all become nothing. All that matters is the burden on your back and the blood in your veins, giving you the strength to push as hard as it takes. 


    Under that bar is freedom.

    Total, absolute freedom granted only the heavy oppression of cold steel given life by determined hands. There, with the world on our backs, we prove to ourselves what we're capable of.


    We prove what burdens we can carry

    and learn the difference between what we think we can do, and what we can REALLY do.

    This is why we do it. So chalk up, and show us how you do it.

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  • Membership

    UMD Barbell Club does not restrict membership or discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, personal appearance, age, national origin, political affiliation, physical or mental disability, or on the basis of rights secured by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.


    Membership shall be limited to persons officially connected with the University of Maryland, College Park,

    as faculty, staff, registered students, and members of the alumni association. Students enrolled in any semester are eligible for membership during their enrollment.

    Drug Usage

    Those involved with illicit substances and/or who engage the topic of illicit drug use WILL be removed.


    Registration can be completed here. Make sure to sign the online waiver and confirm through email. You will no longer need a VPN if you are off campus!


    The spring open enrollment period begins January 24th and ends March 1st. If you would like to join after this time, you'll have to visit the Club Sports office in the ERC to sign up.

    Waiver & Member Agreement

    All members must fill out and sign an online waiver. Those under the age of 18 or joining after the open enrollment period must sign a paper waiver.

    Semesterly Dues

    $50 semesterly dues to help us fund various expenses like chalk, new equipment, and club socials

    Exclusive Equipment

    Gain access to equipment only available to club members: competition bars, racks, chalk, bumper plates, etc

    Apparel & Gear

    Discounted Under Armour swag & SlingShot gear

    Network & Coaching

    Tips & tricks from USA Powerlifting coaches & experienced lifters/competitors

    Priority Meet Registration

    First dibs on registering for USA Powerlifting sanctioned meets hosted by club

  • Register

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     Terp Link

  • Practice


    School of Public Health Weight Room (SPH 0103)

    Fall 2019

    Mon & Wed @ 3:30 - 5:30 pm

    Tues & Thurs @ 4:15-5:30 pm

    Sat @ 11:00 am - 1:00 pm


    Open Gym Sessions

    All practice sessions will be open gym sessions. In other words, you are free to train in whatever manner you wish as long as you are respectful to other members and your activities are safe.


    That's right: Chalk

    CHALK IS ALLOWED during scheduled practice ONLY. It must be COMPLETELY GONE by the conclusion of the session. There will be towels and a broom to help us clean up more efficiently. Failure to clean and comply with RecWell could result in removal of this privilege.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do I know if I'm registered and can come to a practice?

    You can check here: terplink.umd.edu/organization/barbell-club

    2. How do I pay dues?

    Dues can be paid through Venmo (@UMDBarbell) or with cash to an officer at practice.

    3. When do I have to pay dues?

    Dues should be paid during the first two weeks of practice.

    4. What should I do if I can’t pay dues at the beginning of the semester?

    We can make a payment plan for those who can’t pay dues all at once at the beginning of the semester. Talk to an officer, email us, or send us a Facebook message if you have questions.

    5. How do I know who the officers are?

    Feel free to ask around if you aren’t sure who to talk to at a practice. You can find all the officers and their contact information here below.

    6. Do I have to come to all of the practices?

    No, we don’t require our members to come to all practices or stay the entire practice time. We understand everyone has busy schedules, so come when you can!

    7. What are practices like?

    Practices are open-gym, meaning members can train how they’d like as long as it is respectful to everyone else. If you have questions about programming, talk to one of our coaches.

    8. What do my dues pay for?

    Dues help us pay for new equipment and allow us to plan events for the community here at Maryland. If you have any other questions about the club’s budget, feel free to talk to an officer or email us.

    9. What equipment does the club have that I can use?

    The club owns multiple barbells for powerlifting and weightlifting, belts, knee sleeves, wrist wraps, calibrated kilogram plates, change plates, and collars. We also have multiple racks to use for squatting and benching, along with a deadlift jack.

    10. I'm new to lifting.. can I still come to practice?

    Absolutely! Feel free to come to a practice and talk to a coach. Our coaches can help you get started. However, all of our coaches are students that will be training during practice times, so please be respectful of their time.

    11. How can I make recommendations/comments about equipment, practices, events, etc?

    Please feel free to make any recommendations or comments on how we are running the club to an officer at a practice. You can also email us or message us on Facebook.

    12. How do I know about events and opportunities within the club?

    All events will have their own event page on Facebook. We will also constantly post about upcoming events and opportunities on Facebook, through our newsletter, and in our club’s GroupMe. Sign up for our newsletter here on our website.

    13. How can I become an officer of the club?

    Officers are chosen towards the end of the fall semester and serve for a full year. We will typically post about it on Facebook and put more information in the newsletter. If you are interested in becoming more involved in the club, talk to an officer about what they do and how to get involved.

  • Club Officers

    Get to know us

    Contact us at umdbarbell@gmail.com

    Harrison Wu


    matthew katigbak

    Vice President

    Ryan singh


    Aaron fogelson


    Jen Amaya

    Social Chair

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